Digital Developement and Production

1ST IMPRESSIONS COUNT Is your website suited to your Target Audience? Is is up to date? Is it driving sales for your business? Is it tablet and mobile adaptable? Speak to US today? For a FREE Discussion about your Online Presence..

Social Media and Marketing

Today’s world of Marketing. Are you hitting your Target Audience? Is it giving you the best ROI?

Sharp AdZ specialises in today’s world of Marketing? Take a hour out with us and we can give you more reach and exposure.

Start Ups & Business Setup

Sharp Adz can bring your idea into reality. Starting with the research and development to back your concept, build your business plan and being part of your business. We can tailor our involvement to suit your business.

Business Administration

Save your time with parts of your business that drive your sales, not head down in paperwork. Our team are fully qualified in Xero and MYOB, to reduce your overheads in Administration. Sharp Adz can correspond with your Lawyers and Accountant, also working with you to seize any opportunities that are available.


Golden Hawk

22:15 Friday 13th October 2017 WARNING ||| WARNING ||| WARNING #CYBERATTACK right in the middle is Sharp AdZ What usually takes 5min to pay for a domain. Card Declined to Do same again. Card Declined. Check bank. Money gone. Screen Shot Taken 00:02 Saturday 14th October 2017 #crazydomains took 2.5hrs to tell them something is wrong money is gone from an account without a process of sale. Admission of their error by them. asked to record with Finance Compan. All recorded with reply email with no solution. cannot 02.35 completed call – Check Bank balance – no access where is business money. email sent to (as below) 03:00-03.45 then being told by #westpac that all banking down, can not see balance or if any left. They can not confirm $ in accounts. 04:00 Check Media..#WORLD – CYBER ATTACK – Running to ATM Now 04.20 Should of gone to Phil birthday. Daily Telegraph The Sydney Morning Herald #australiangovernment  ... read more

Maximising Productivity

Time is Money: Maximising Productivity During Your Flexible Workday We’ve put together our top five tips to help you maximize your productivity when mapping your own day. We’ve used working from home in our examples, but the same goes for working in your own office. The Theory vs. The Reality Ask anyone in a 9-5 office job, and the chances are they quietly yearn for that trademark flexibility of the self-employed, or business owner. And of course, we know they’re partly right about the appeal; it’s great to have an hour here to take the cat to the vets, infinite ‘business meetings’ at the local Cafe and – did I just take a nap at 4pm?! I definitely never take a 4pm nap. But one of the toughest challenges, particularly when working alone (for argument’s sake, at home), is keeping yourself motivated throughout the whole day. Suddenly the 9-5 you had seems comparatively productive – the whole day was carefully mapped out, and you got stuff done. Whether that was true productivity is another thing; when the lunches, coffee breaks and commute (oh god – remember the commute) are considered, and those hours where you were just filling time, you realize it was perhaps the illusion of productivity, rather than productivity itself. Which doesn’t change the fact that you now have a whole lot more time, and probably a whole lot of guilt about how you should be using it. Top 5 Tips for Maximizing Productivity 1. Location If you work from home, the chances are your friends have given you the trademark look of skepticism, followed by: “It... read more

May 2017 – Sharp AdZ NEWS

May 2017 Founders of a new head safety product Steven Sharpe, Jeremy & Kristine Havron. Partner’s with Eleven Elements Limited to take another Australian Concept to market. Announced June 2017 Sharp AdZ has signed with 2 New directors and 4 new Advisors, Management and shareholders. Steven Sharpe as Sole-Trader “Sharp AdZ” since 2003 focus was SME solutions. Now in 2017 Company Sharp AdZ Pty Ltd has been formed. Providing businesses solutions with a man focus “to deliver the message” a the best ROI. Announcement of New Company, locations and Management will be announced 29th May, 2017 Client Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club – Sidney Ho’s(Golden Hawk and Palm Court Bistro) Celebrate 30 years at the club. The celebrations have commenced and continue with some new and exciting concepts. Sharp AdZ and Echoe Group have secured partnerships with access over 12mil Australians, with a massive audience in Asia, with US and EU in negotiation. They provide a complete Sales Activation, from Lead Sourcing to qualified Sales appointments heading its Head office in Sydney June 2017, with regional offices England, The Netherlands, China, Philippines and Vietnam.... read more

How to use Google Adwords

How to Use Google AdWords, Step #1: Establish Account Goals What are you using AdWords for? Lead generation? E-commerce? Brand building? How you structure your account and the features you take advantage of will hinge on your response. How to Use Google AdWords, Step #2: Determine Audience Developing personas is essential. What do your ideal customers do? Where do they do it?  When are they actively searching? On what device? How to Use Google AdWords, Step #3: Conduct Keyword Research By bidding on keywords relevant to your business, you can place your ads in the search results when people are searching for what you offer. Keyword tools can help you discover cost, competition, and volume for search terms at every stage of your sales funnel. How to Use Google AdWords, Step #4: Set Budget & Bids You’ve determined which keywords to bid on: time for some math! If the average CPC looks too high, get granular: volume will decrease, but so will cost! Make sure to spend most of your AdWords budget on keywords that convert at a high rate! But make room for testing and brand-building, too. How to Use Google AdWords, Step #5: Structure Account The name of the game is relevance, folks! Your account is made up of campaigns, each with distinct goals. Within each campaign you need tightly knit ad groups, each featuring just a handful of keywords and hyper-relevant ads. Step #5.5: Quality Score is King Quality Score is Google’s way of grading your keywords and ads in terms of how relevant they are to users. Small ad groups and highly clickable ads raise... read more

Success can start now.

Devote yourself to an idea. Go make it happen. Struggle on it. Overcome your fears. Find a mentor or Partner. Smile. Enjoy. Don’t you forget: This is your dream. BELIEVE – LIVE – DREAM Contact us at for your free hour – Kick Start your idea... read more