22:15 Friday 13th October 2017


#CYBERATTACK right in the middle is Sharp AdZ

What usually takes 5min to pay for a domain. Card Declined to Do same again. Card Declined. Check bank. Money gone.
Screen Shot Taken

00:02 Saturday 14th October 2017
#crazydomains took 2.5hrs to tell them something is wrong money is gone from an account without a process of sale. Admission of their error by them. asked to record with Finance Compan. All recorded with reply email with no solution.
02.35 completed call – Check Bank balance – no access where is business money.
email sent to #crazydomains.com.au (as below)

03:00-03.45 then being told by #westpac that all banking down, can not see balance or if any left. They can not confirm $ in accounts.

04:00 Check Media..#WORLD – CYBER ATTACK – Running to ATM Now 04.20

Should of gone to Phil birthday.

Daily Telegraph The Sydney Morning Herald #australiangovernment