22:15 Friday 13th October 2017


#CYBERATTACK right in the middle is Sharp AdZ

What usually takes 5min to pay for a domain. Card Declined to Do same again. Card Declined. Check bank. Money gone.
Screen Shot Taken

00:02 Saturday 14th October 2017
#crazydomains took 2.5hrs to tell them something is wrong money is gone from an account without a process of sale. Admission of their error by them. asked to record with Finance Compan. All recorded with reply email with no solution.
02.35 completed call – Check Bank balance – no access where is business money.
email sent to #crazydomains.com.au (as below)

03:00-03.45 then being told by #westpac that all banking down, can not see balance or if any left. They can not confirm $ in accounts.

04:00 Check Media..#WORLD – CYBER ATTACK – Running to ATM Now 04.20

Should of gone to Phil birthday.

Daily Telegraph The Sydney Morning Herald #australiangovernment



Success can start now.

Success can start now.

Believe - Live - Dream

Believe – Live – Dream

Devote yourself to an idea.

Go make it happen. Struggle on it. Overcome your fears. Find a mentor or Partner.

Smile. Enjoy.

Don’t you forget: This is your dream.


Contact us at startup@sharpadz.com for your free hour – Kick Start your idea plan

Starting a Business – The Simply Business guide

Starting a Business – The Simply Business guide

Go for it..

First steps towards starting your business

Starting up as an entrepreneur can be an exciting experience where you will be able to pursue long-held aspirations andbe your own boss. But before taking that first step, there are a few things to bear in mind and much preparation should be made before taking that leap into the unknown.

“Starting a new business is both exciting and rewarding, but it is also full of challenges. (more…)

An idea, can and will turn into reality.

An idea, can and will turn into reality.

Back to the future

Back to the future

Do you think this is a cool idea? Do you want one? Well YES!

Well years ago they had a idea. They believed. Is it real.

Check it out for yourself..http://www.huvrtech.com

Social Media has gone crazy. It is a hoax. 17,800,000+ search results.

It took one person to think this. Now the world wants it. It will turn into reality. Is your idea ready to take off. Believe and go for it.

Believe – Live – Dream